Sunday, July 31, 2011

Here we go!

Well, tomorrow I officially go back to work. I've been working on and off in my room for 2 weeks but tomorrow it's official. In one aspect I dread the end of summer but on the other side I look forward to a new group of kids and a much needed paycheck. Today my wonderful hubby and I spent about 4 1/2 hours building a stand for my Book Buddy Bags. For years I have kept them in bins but they were hard to see so I wanted a stand to display them on. My husband was in construction for years before he became a computer tech so he's a VERY handy man to have around. He's always been great about building things for my classroom as long as I draw a picture of what I want. I must say I was thinking really simple but he made it so much better. The book bags get very heavy so I knew I wanted something sturdy that would last. Luckily, we had some purple heart wood in the garage that had been sitting untouched for years. I love exotic woods and this is a very hard iron wood.

This is the base of the stand. Unfortunately it's too big to fit in my suv so hubby will have to bring it to me after he's done at his school tomorrow.

This is the final product. The dowels are just regular pine. I can't wait to finally have all my book bags hanging on it. I will post a pic when I finally get it in my room.

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