Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Day of School Supplies

Over the years I have finally figured out the easiest way for me to handle school supplies. Let me start by saying that our supply list contains EVERYTHING that they will need for the entire school year. My students start by coming for kindergarten screenings so I try to encourage the parents to bring their supplies then so that the kids aren't loaded down. Those that don't bring them to screening bring them the first day of school. I keep gallon sized Ziplocs on hand and write each child's name on them. As I unload their supplies, I separate out the things that are general use such as Klenex, dry erase markers, copy paper, etc. Then put their individual supplies into the Ziploc, folders and spiral bound notebooks fit just right. The supplies that they will need now go at their seats. I keep all the bags with the extra supplies in a box and as the kids need new crayons, folders, etc. I pull them out. Since the Ziplocs aren't bulky, they are almost filed in the box until needed. At the end of the year, I send home any supplies that the kids did not use so they will have them for the summer or next school year.

Head on over to Mrs. Kincaid's First Grade. She's having a linky party on how YOU handle the first day supplies.


  1. Thanks for linking up! I like the idea of filing extras in the Ziploc bags and sending home leftovers! I think I'll steal that one!

  2. Fantastic idea! :)

    Melly <><