Friday, July 29, 2011

Countdown and new theme

Well, even though I officially go back to work on Monday (1st), I have been in and out of my classroom for the past 2 weeks. (Sorry, I keep forgetting to take pictures.) At this point, the furniture is where it's going to be (for now), but there is a lot more to do to decorate and organize. Today I am busy printing and laminating as much stuff as I can to get me started. I decided to change my classroom theme this year to go along with our Rising Stars program at school. I decided on a Hollywood theme because what kid doesn't want to be a movie star. lol I am also trying to modify or make as much as possible so that I didn't have to spend more money on new things. So far I am very excited and the ideas just keep coming. For my helpers I decided to rename the jobs. My line leaders will be the Lead Actor and Lead Actress, the door holder is the usher, office helpers are the production assistants, clean up people are the set designers. The kids that receive the award each month will be put on the Walk of Fame. The lunch boxes will be placed in the concession area. Their name tags are on lanyards and are used as office passes will also have Backstage pass on the back. My behavior plan will start the kids with 2 thumbs up, then one up and one down and finally 2 thumbs down. I am having so much fun with this. I'm also making a poster for outside my door to look like a movie marquis with all the kids names in their own star. If anyone has any other ideas let me know. I will take pictures next week as I get it all set up.

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