Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 6

What a crazy day. We weren't able to spend any time with Justin until about 2:45 this afternoon. Long story but needless to say we still had a good time. I went to the Lakeshore store and did a little shopping and got some new ideas. Then off to the base in search of the tshirt that I had wanted but didn't get and still can't get. The only shop that had the shirt was closed and won't open at all tomorrow(Maybe next time). I did manage to find a Proud Mom shirt, hat, pin and lanyard set though and the girls got proud sister shirts. We killed a little more time at the mall and then picked up Justin and Miranda to go to an early dinner. Another great meal at Chuy's and this time Justin got to enjoy it as well. Back to the base again because this time Justin wanted to buy his Honor Flight t-shirt. Tom ended up buying the very last one they had (after Justin got his)so we are going to share it. We have just so thoroughly enjoyed sitting and talking to him that I just can't describe it. Tomorrow we will be meeting up with him at about 7:30 am to go to church and then brunch or something before we take off for Biloxi. I am so impressed with the wonderful young man that he has become in 8 weeks. He was pretty good before but now... WOW. He is finally an adult. I will say that every now and then though I see that little boy sneak in, mostly when he's hugging me like there's no tomorrow. But now he stands tall, sits tall and walks tall and is proud of who he has become.

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