Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 5

Well, needless to say it was a very long day. We got on base around 6:30 this morning after stopping for breakfast tacos along the way. We walked around the parade grounds and looked at the planes before meeting up with Justin's mom, step dad, brother and half sister. We got seats early before the buses started pulling up and unloading and watched them practice and run thru the ceremony. We watched the flights march over the bridge to the field before marching on to the field. After the ceremony, Miranda ran and tapped Justin out so that he could move. We followed Justin and his flight over to have their picture taken for getting Honor Flight and took our own pictures. Then we drove over to the ballfield so that we could walk to his dorm for Open House. We got to see all the beds, lockers, latrine, etc. So funny to watch a messy teenager turn into a responsible, meticulous man in such a short amount of time. We left while other families came in to view the dorms and waited in our air conditioned car. Justin's first request was for a Big Mac from McDonald's since he had looked at the golden arches thru the fence for the past 8 1/2 weeks. After lunch we went to the mall so that he and Miranda could finally get a phone plan and new phones. The whole gang went to the food court since most of them wanted ice cream and sat for a bit. Let me just say, it is extremely difficult to find seating for 10 people anywhere. Most of the day we just relaxed and hung out just noticing all the changes we've seen in him. We ended our day with just the 6 of us going our for Chinese food at a great new restaurant. I think Nicole and Miranda were giving the waiter all the free entertainment he could handle with their seat dancing. I told him to feel free to post the video on Youtube. lol We left Justin back at the base a little before 7 so that he could go pick up his uniform from the dry cleaners. Another good day with him. Tomorrow his mother is picking up Miranda and taking the 2 of them out to breakfast before we all meet up later. Me, well, I'm heading to Lakeshore to buy school stuff. You just can't take the teacher out of me especially on vacation.

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