Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 2

I didn't get to post last night so I figured I would post before I take off exploring today. We drove all day and arrived yesterday afternoon. We stopped at a beautiful rest area here in Texas for a picnic lunch along the way. After arriving yesterday we brought up all the luggage and took a small break. I was checking out my Urban Spoon app and found that there was a Tex Mex restaurant with rave reviews nearby. It turns out that it's a chain but the food and service was absolutely awesome. I've attached a couple photos of it. It's called Chuy's and boy was it yummy. Tom has been talking about Carne guisada for 10 years but we can never find anywhere in Florida that even knows what it is. Tom and I got the carne guisada tacos with the fresh made flour tortillas and all I can say is YUM!! Even Kimmie asked for a bite and decided she like them. She's dying to try out another place today and order it. For those who may not know, she's not a big lover of beef so this is quite an accomplishment. After dinner, the girls came back and went swimming. Today we are off on new adventures....

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