Thursday, July 5, 2012

Key West!

Well, here I sit in paradise. I know, it's a tough job. lol We usually come down every summer for 3 or 4 days since we have a time share. I like to split it up between Key West and Bonita Springs but this summer I couldn't get into Bonita Springs so we are here for the whole week. My hubby was born and raised here so we don't consider ourselves tourists but visitors. We don't do the touristy things really other than walk down Duval. Our favorite places are 5 Brothers which is a little corner store on the corner of Grinnell and Southard St. which has THE best cafe con leche and breakfast sandwiches. We also love El Siboney which is a little mom and pop type cuban restaurant with food like my husband's grandmother use to make. We always get it to go though because 2 entrees will feed 4-6 of us with leftovers. Our final must go spot in the Kino Sandal factory in the Kino Plaza one block off Duval. We LOVE their handmade sandals and look forward to the new colors available every year. The past 2 years we have gone snorkeling at Ft. Zachary Taylor which is kind of like a hidden treasure. Sadly, I'm looking forward to getting home and making some new things for school. I know, I'm sick. Well, hopefully my next post will be showing some of the new treasures I have made.

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